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Pain Management

Acute or chronic pain, either produced by back, neck, joint, cancer-related, headache, diabetic neuropathy-related, arthrosis, or sports-related problems, can seriously affect your day-to-day life, not only diminishing your quality of life, but also your loved ones’.

Recurring to temporal solutions, such as the consumption of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine, can solve your pain-related problems for a small period. However, long-lasting and permanent solutions can give you the life you deserve without any pain whatsoever.

With this in mind, physical therapy and chiropractic can be incredible options to improve your situation and eliminate the pain once and for all.

By implementing the most recent diagnostic techniques to comprehensively evaluate your pain, our team of specialists will identify the root cause of your ailment. Then, depending on your diagnosis, you will be submitted to a series of treatment methods capable of restoring your health.

Thanks to the experience of famous chiropractors located in the beautiful town of Spring, TX, such as Dr. Bolz, you will receive preventative and regenerative care techniques that will give you the healing factors your body needs to deal not only with any pain-related symptoms you may have, but also with the condition that may cause it.