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Personal Training Programs

1 on 1 Personal Training

The Rehab offers 1 on 1 personal training in hour and half-hour sessions.Each session will be completely customized to your individual needs and goals with the very best trainers in the area.Our trainers can push you beyond your athletic limits, rehabilitate a new or old injury, return you to play, or help you meet a specific weight loss or fitness goal.Our team is here to help you meet your individual goals, no matter how big or small!

Small Group Training

Understanding that some folks like to train in a small group of their peers, The Rehab offers small group training for 2-5 people.These sessions are customized to meet individual and group needs and can be a fun and more affordable way to meet individual goals together.

Small Group & Individual Yoga and Pilates

The Rehab is excited to offer individual and small group yoga and Pilates sessions with the best instructors in the area.Work on stretching, flexibility, and strength while nourishing the body and the mind.All levels welcome!

Customized Run and Triathlete Coaching

Learn from the best!If you want to take your running and triathlete endeavors to the next level, make an appointment with our dedicated and vastly experienced coach.

Nutrition Counseling

There is no better way to meet your athletic and weight loss goals than to couple personal training with a customized nutrition plan.Make an appointment today with our nutrition counselor and begin maximizing your results by making life-long changes for the better!