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Sports Specific Injury Rehab

Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply working to be the best you possibly can, you deserve top-notch care for all sports injuries. At Spring Chiropractic, located in Spring, TX, our sports rehab specialists understand the unique needs of all types of athletes. Using a variety of modalities and exercises, each treatment plan is specially designed to facilitate your safe and quick recovery process. Our sports injury rehab therapists are experienced and passionate athletes, well-versed in all sports-related injuries. Whether you are looking to restore your agility, ability to throw, or mobility and speed, we have what it takes to help you meet your goals. After a thorough evaluation and review of your medical history, the Spring chiropractic team will develop a treatment plan which will not only help you recover, but will help ensure prevention of future injuries like shoulder, ankles, knees, and back pains.

Common Sports Specific Rehab Techniques

Dedicated to whole body wellness, our highly credentialed team uses a wide range of techniques and skills to facilitate your return to what you love most. We will maintain an open line of communication with you, your healthcare providers, athletic directors, and coaches. Some sport specific rehab techniques that are used include:

Foam Roller Exercises

Foam roller exercises are specially designed to improve flexibility and release muscle tension as an effective means of self-massage that can be implemented at home. From Rotator Cuff to Gluteal and ITB Release, these exercises simulate the effects of sport massage and offer patients control over their own rehabilitation process.

Kettlebell Exercises

If your sports-related injury calls for strengthening the muscles of the lower body, kettlebell exercises may be prescribed. To prevent further pain and/or injury, we will work closely with you and your medical team to ensure these exercises are suitable and performed properly.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Much like kettlebell exercises, cardiovascular exercise is an excellent treatment method for overcoming injuries and improving overall performance. Our sports rehab and chiropractic team will work together to ensure you maximize the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, leveraging those benefits to recover from your injury and improve your performance as an athlete.

Our Spring chiropractic team will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation plan catered to your specific needs. Common cardiovascular and aerobic exercises used include: jump roping, HIT exercises, ROUGH assault air bikes, and Concept 2 skier.

Spring Physical Therapy Team

The Spring Physical Therapy personal training team is composed of Spring’s best and brightest trainers and coaches. They each bring their own unique set of skills and training, ensuring you receive the very best care as you recover from your shoulders, knees, ankles, or back injury. Combining the principles of chiropractic and physical medicine, with yoga, orthopedic exercise, and nutrition, we will work to ensure you are injury-free and back to full participation as soon as possible. To start on your road to recovery, request an appointment online today!