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Disc Bulge Treatment

Disc Bulge Treatment

As time passes by, changes in the human body can lead to chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms. One such change involves the bulging and flattening of the discs that cushion your vertebrae. Bulging discs can alter your spinal anatomy and can cause a number of painful problems. At Spring Chiropractic in Spring, TX, we have all-natural disc bulge treatment options to help correct poor posture and spinal misalignment.

How Bulging Discs Cause Pain

The discs that sit between your vertebrae are not solid cartilage. They actually combine an outer cartilaginous casing and an inner gelatinous material. This combination gives the disc its ability to absorb shocks as you walk, run, or perform your many daily tasks. It also allows the disc to maintain a consistent height. This is important because the disc must act as a spacer for the facet joints that connect adjacent vertebrae. Unfortunately, age generally causes the discs to lose some of their hydration, lowering their fluid content, and therefore, their resilience. The discs begin to sag and bulge outward.

Sometimes the bulging disc pushes on the nerve roots that exit the spine. This compression interferes with nerve signaling and produces pain, tingling, numbness and/or functional problems. A bulging cervical disc may cause upper extremity symptoms, while a bulging lumbar disc may cause lower extremity symptoms. If the space between discs collapses too much, the facet joints can become strained or even arthritic, leading to neck or back pain.

Your Chiropractor in Spring, TX Can Ease Your Symptoms Without Surgery

If you’re experiencing neck, back, arm, or leg symptoms, come to Spring Chiropractic for an evaluation. We can X-ray your spine to look for signs of a bulging disc. Our chiropractors, Dr. Bolz or Dr. Rivas, will then create your own personal treatment plan aimed at reducing your discomfort and improving your function.

Spinal decompression therapy can provide significant relief for bulging discs. Unlike spinal decompression surgery, which involves extracting disc structures or fusing vertebrae, this non-surgical treatment uses traction to increase the space around the disc, creating vacuum pressure that re-hydrates the disc and relieves nerve pressure. Chiropractic adjustment may also be helpful for correcting alignment errors that might make you more prone to bulging discs.

Ready to Overcome Your Bulging Disc Issues? Contact Our Office Today

Bulging discs may be caused by natural occurrences, but you don’t have to view your pain and other chronic symptoms as inevitable. Call Spring Chiropractic in Spring, TX today at (281) 651-7111 to schedule your non-invasive disc bulge treatment!