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Performance Lab

Human performance is often very much associated with sports and athletic activities; however, the name is equally applicable to less intense tasks, such as walking, cooking, and performing desk work. For this reason, nowadays there are performance labs lead by experts on the matter that study the biomechanics of human activities that span a range from activities of daily living to high-level athletics.

Because a key component of this work is to understand movement, which is fundamental to life, a performance lab is used to reduce the risk of developing a pathology in the musculoskeletal area by implementing a series of diagnosis and therapeutic certified techniques aimed to improve the health conditioning belonging to the locomotor apparatus with factors that include strength, flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

Thanks to the experience of chiropractic experts, such as Dr. Scott Bolz, a famous chiropractor located in the beautiful town of Spring, TX, you will be capable of performing your daily life as normal as possible upon leaving the performance lab at the top of your game.

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