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Active Release Technique (ART)

The active release technique (ART) is a practical treatment in which the muscle, ligament, fascia, tendon, nerve, or articular capsule is held with tension in the involved tissue (not the skin) in a shortened position, while the structure is lengthened through a full and comfortable range of active movement, maintaining the tension throughout the movement.

This technique hurts a little, with many patients describing it as a “good pain”, and it feels like a stretch that you need, but cannot do on your own. When a muscle is tightened, the procedure works by increasing the nervous system’s tolerance while stretching the muscle.

It is the main soft tissue treatment, being widely used in the treatment of injuries and soft tissue conditions among professional athletes and the general population. The ART is used to treat repetitive stress injuries and is often applied in a variety of other medical practices because it provides rapid results in the treatment of diverse ailments.

Thanks to the experience of famous chiropractors located in the beautiful town of Spring, TX, such as Dr. Bolz, you will receive preventative and regenerative care through the application of the active release technique, giving you the healing factors your body needs to deal with plenty of musculoskeletal conditions and start enjoying life once again.