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Normatec Compression

Spring Chiropractic and Spring Physical Therapy have NormaTec Compression to help you rapidly recover from your training. NormaTec Compression is sought out by coaches, athletes, and trainers because of the rapid recovery they get after training that regular recovery does not offer. This system pulsates by pumping movement in the muscles, which removes fluid from the limbs and back into circulation. The hold pressures are employed to prevent backflow of fluid into the lymphatic system. This feature allows for maximal pressurization in each area of focus.

Who Can Benefit from NormaTec Compression Treatment?

Besides athletes and trainers, people who are suffering from edematous conditions, which is swelling, can benefit from this treatment. The system is frequently used to recover patients after surgeries, such as ACL replacements, hip and knee replacements, and any other joint, tendon, ligament or muscle injury. The pulsing motion speeds blood flow to injured areas and promotes regrowth of tissue, in turn promoting healing.

What Can I Expect from a NormaTec Compression Treatment Session?

Depending on your condition or the area that you want to treat, we’ll place a compression sleeve or sleeves on the affected areas. The compression sleeves will inflate and as they do, they will form ideally to the body part being treated. The user sets the intensity and the unit will send pulses from the furthest or most distal portions being treated, such as a foot or hand. Then the vibrations move, in a sequential manner, up the limb, while employing a holding pattern on the parts that have already pulsated. This process prevents the backflow of fluid. The pulsing, wave-like, palpating motion of the NormaTec Compression is similar to the experience of getting a massage and you can control the intensity. These treatments are exceptionally efficient when recovering patients from surgical procedures and other relevant medical issues.

Enhanced Recovery Is Waiting For

If you are an athlete or trainer looking for a faster recovery, Spring Chiropractic and Spring Physical Therapy can create a treatment or training plan to fit your needs. Whether you’ve had an injury, an intense training session, injured, or rehabilitating from surgery, Our Spring clinic can handle all of your NormaTec Compression sessions. Reach out to us today. We can answer any questions that you may have and schedule an appointment for your first session.