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Spring Chiropractic treats patients in and around Spring with the best in care at the hands of an expert chiropractor who helps patients heal by addressing core issues from their injury or chronic condition. We offer effective spondylolisthesis treatment for people who have been suffering from this spinal condition in the area. Call today for your consultation with a skilled chiropractor. You do not have to deal with chronic pain alone, we are here to help ease any back or neck pain that has been plaguing you and decreasing your quality of life.

What is Spondylolisthesis?

Spondylolisthesis is a disorder of the spine where a vertebra slips onto the bone below it. Despite the unpleasant mental image those words bring, the condition is not that rare and symptoms can range from benign and hardly noticeable at first to lower back pain, radiating pain in the buttocks and down the legs, muscle stiffness, posture issues, and even decreased mobility over time.

Causes can vary and the conditions may be a side effect of aging for some, a result of a trauma, the breakdown of tissue can be caused by infection, and from overuse at a young age from activities such as professional gymnast competitions. No matter the cause, the condition can be effectively treated or managed with expert care to reduce your pain.

We Can Help With Your Back and Neck Pain with Effective Spondylolisthesis Treatment

We have proven and all-natural disc bulge treatment plans to address your pain, posture issues, and alignment problems. Our treatment plan will depend on your specific needs and the progression in your spine. We will start with an X-ray to assess the extent of your spinal disc bulge. And we will want a comprehensive history of your pain and mobility levels as well as your future health goals. Your treatment plan will likely include physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment and massage, decompression therapy, and more: all with a goal of improving your condition without invasive medical procedures. Under the care of an experienced chiropractor, you will find increased mobility and decreased pain from treatments you may not have expected.

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If you have been worried about your posture or if your pain and discomfort is only increasing with your spondylolisthesis then call us today for a consultation. We treat this and other conditions with effective and expert care. Call us at Spring Chiropractic, (281) 651-7111! how to tell a replica rolex