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Visit: Spring Physical Therapy


maryr, Spring – 3.0

Mr. Gary was very pleasant, did the second adjustment for my hurting hands – MISSION accomplished after the first visit with Dr. Scott’s adjustment. BUT I had also requested to have my right knee looked at on both of the two visits, (the first 8/6 and the second 8/9). Neither times was the knee addressed, I did have the girl put the e-stim on my right knee on 8/9 – hoping that would help me. BUT because that was the only attention that my knee received – I still felt discomfort when walking up and down the stairs to my hair dresser less than an hour after my visit to the chiropractor on 8/9. I am disappointed that of my two issues / concerns that I initially stated on 8/6 that only one was addressed (the hands were very successful – thank you). Mary R.