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How to Do the Graston Technique On Yourself?

Injury experts are always coming up with new ways to overcome muscle pain and tightness. The Graston technique emerged in the 90s when an amateur athlete, David Graston, wanted to show the world his way of overcoming a knee injury. 

This method is a unique form of massage using steel instruments to locate problematic areas, and break down scar tissue, stimulating healing processes. This idea is not new, as traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have used it for centuries to heal ailments.

The Graston technique is performed by a licensed professional. However, many people undergoing this treatment have wondered whether they can do it themselves. Read on to learn why we don’t recommend doing so.

How Does Graston Technique Work?

Graston technique uses specifically designed stainless steel tools to scrape the soft tissues of your neck, back, and any other area causing you pain. When an experienced licensed practitioner uses these instruments, they are able to detect muscle adhesion, scar tissue, and other restrictions in your muscles and other soft tissues.

Each practitioner must undergo unique training to learn standard moves and acquire experience detecting problematic areas. Once they identify these spots, they use the same (or different) tools to gently massage and stretch muscles and other tissues. The goal is to improve the blood flow and stimulate healing processes to eliminate pain and restore range of motion.

Can You Do Graston Technique at Home?

If you have ever been to a chiropractor or a physical therapist for a session, and they used the Graston technique, you probably thought you could do it at home. After all, the stainless instruments used in this process resemble a butter knife and other cutlery items you can find in your kitchen.

However, that can be further from the truth. In fact, we don’t recommend ever trying to do the Graston technique on yourself, unless you are a trained professional. Doing it on yourself without proper training could result in additional injuries that can extend your healing period.

In addition, the tools are designed explicitly for the Graston technique and cost a pretty penny. So, you can’t just recreate them using the butter knife and other things you find in your kitchen. The tools are also only available to licensed practitioners of the Graston technique.

Is It Safe to Do the Graston Technique at Home?

If you are a licensed professional who knows what they’re doing with adequate tools, then the answer is yes; doing the Graston technique at home is safe. Any other situation and the answer is no; you shouldn’t do it at home. 

A trained professional can adjust their movements based on feedback, preventing injuries and allowing better outcomes. In addition, these sessions are often accompanied by stretching and ice therapy to stimulate repair and maximize healing.

Where Can I Find a Licenced Graston Technique Practitioner?

If you are located in Spring, TX, you can find Dr. Scott Bolz and his team of licensed chiropractors at the Spring Chiropractic & Rehab. They can do the Graston technique on you and help you get rid of pain and muscle tightness. Click here to learn how you can book an appointment.