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Good vs. Bad Chiropractic Practices: 5 Tips for Choosing a Chiropractor

Good chiropractors provide a series of holistic approaches to improve physical function, reduce pain, and enhance the overall quality of a patient’s life. However, the chiropractic industry is filled with practitioners offering treatment that ranges from ineffective to downright harmful.

Here are a few tips on things you should consider when choosing your chiropractor and determining good from bad practitioners.

  • A Good Chiropractor Performs a Health Check Before Proposing Treatment

You’ve decided to visit a chiropractor’s office, and after a brief introduction, they present you with a treatment plan. That’s an instant red flag, especially if they try to make you buy some of their products to improve your condition without even performing a closer exam.

A good chiropractor will always ask you about your condition, medical history, and they will perform a physical exam, as well as any additional tests. Only after they’ve thoroughly assessed your health and body state will they propose a treatment approach.

  • They Answer Your Questions and Make You Comfortable

You will probably have many questions regarding the treatment, especially if you are visiting a chiropractor’s office for the first time and are not familiar with their work. A good chiropractor will answer all of your questions and help you understand your treatment plan. They will do anything to make you feel comfortable while showing empathy and building a personal connection with you.

A bad chiropractor will rush the treatment and won’t care about your needs or feelings. If they ignore these during the initial session, it is time to search for a different chiropractor.

  • They Don’t Push Their Products

Bad chiropractors are usually after your money, and their goal is to sell you as much stuff as possible. Beware of practitioners trying to make you take supplements but saying their vitamins are the only ones that work. That is a huge red flag, as good practitioners will discuss your nutrition needs with you. But they will also refer you to other retailers where you can get those supplements and not force their products.

  • They Are Willing to Work With Other Professionals

A good chiropractor cares about your well-being. If the holistic treatment approach includes a visit to another professional, they’ll be happy to refer you. Maybe they’ll suggest a personal trainer for improving your muscle strength or a visit to the nutritionist to get a detailed diet plan.

On the other hand, bad chiropractors will avoid working with other professionals, even if the current treatment approach yields no results.

  • They Adjust Their Approach for Better Results

Trying to make you sign up for long-term care plans is another sign of a bad chiropractor, especially if they try to do it before the beginning of the treatment. 

A good chiropractor will monitor your progress and adjust treatment accordingly. They won’t fixate on spine manipulation or some other approach if they don’t see results. Instead, they’ll try several things until the cause of your pain is eliminated.

Where to Find a Good Chiropractor?

Spring Chiropractic is a holistic center founded by Dr. Scott Bolz, and it offers a variety of different chiropractic treatment modalities. You’ll recognize all the signs of a good chiropractor in what we do. We’ll always make sure you are comfortable and understand your treatment plan. 

We use a combination of traditional treatments and cutting-edge new technology to get your health back on track and get rid of your pain for good. Schedule an appointment and see why we are the best chiropractic center in Spring, Texas.