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Give Your Kids the Gift of a Healthy Spine

The health of a child’s spine needs to be taken very seriously.
A healthy spine will decrease their chance of injury, improve their posture,
improve their overall health and help to avoid spinal problems such as
scoliosis. in fact, studies have shown that children who receive regular
chiropractic care are less frequently sick, are able to concentrate better
and are generally healthier. As parents, this is what we want for our kids,

Here are three things that you can do today to help improve your child’s
spinal health:

  • Regular chiropractic care. Just as children need good
    hygiene, dental care and sound nutrition, they also need regular chiropractic
    care. Chiropractic care will help to restore and maintain normal spinal
    function, allowing a child’s body to develop optimally.
  • Limit backpack weight. One common source of spinal injury
    for children is their heavy backpacks. Limit the weight of their backpacks
    to 10% – 15% of their body weight. For example: A child weighing 50 lbs.
    should carry no more than 7.5 lbs, and a child weighing 80 lbs. should
    carry no more than 12 lbs. If children carry more than this, they have
    an increased risk of injuring themselves.
  • Keep kids active. There is an epidemic of childhood obesity
    in this country as more and more children spend their day in front of
    the television and playing computer games. This not only increases their
    risk of developing diabetes and heart disease early in life, it is also
    very stressfull on the spine. More and more children suffer from back
    pain and headaches simply because they don’t get enough exercise.

Every child is different and has unique needs. Your Doctor of Chiropractic
is trained in evaluating and treating the spines of all ages. Give your
kids the gift of a healthy spine by getting them regular chiropractic care.