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Chiropractic and CrossFit: a relationship of strength

To have a body worthy of the Spartans takes not only time, money, and sacrifice, but also proper physical conditions, as doing high-intensity workouts without the right preparation can lead to severe injuries. This is being increasingly observed in CrossFit.

CrossFit is defined as a strength and conditioning training system based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at high intensity. This is a discipline that combines a large number of exercises and techniques taken from gymnastics, weightlifting, running, among others, resulting in a sports program capable of developing cardiovascular resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, etc.

However, as excellent as it sounds, this is a sporting discipline that will push you to the limit and beyond. Many people, not fully understanding this, believe they can do all the exercises on the first try or lift the heaviest weight possible, which very often leads them to injure themselves at the first bad movement.

For this reason, chiropractic is a specialty increasingly considered by athletes who participate in this type of sports, as it not only helps to treat certain musculoskeletal ailments, but also to prevent them. In addition, it can also improve the athlete’s performance by treating certain characteristics, such as range of motion, stability, motor control, posture, among others.

This takes on greater importance when it is considered that the number of patients coming to the chiropractic office with locomotor system injuries has been increasing, especially evident in those people who, without any physical preparation, undergo CrossFit or similar training sessions.

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